Monday, September 15, 2014

My Thoughts on Ray Rice

Above is a video of the commentary that ESPN Anchor Hannah Storm made about talking to her daughters about the video of Ray Rice (former running back of the Baltimore Ravens) hitting his then girlfriend in an elevator at a now closed casino in Atlantic City. Most of us have either seen the video or have heard about what was on it. it is horrific to say the least . I think Hannah Storm hit the nail on the head with her comments , especially about the fact that the National Football league decided to institute a harsher punishment to Rice after seeing this video . Everyone knew what happened on the elevator, we did not need to see the video to confirm our suspicions. 

The N.F.L. has a program called "Play 60 " , it is a wonderful program that the league has started to fight childhood obesity . The program uses the stars of it's league as role models to help kids get out and be more active , also to make healthier decisions in their lives. I love this program, I love the fact that they use the stars of this league to promote the program One of those stars was Ray Rice.

No one can say that these athletes are not role models, they are. I grew up idolizing athletes and so do the kids today. When one of these athletes do something wrong , the league NEEDS to come down on the athlete. A 2 game suspension was not enough, everyone knew it. I don't know what the correct punishment should have been and I am not in a position to have to make that call.

One good that has come from this is that we are now having a discussion about domestic violence . Particularly how we see the victim of the violence.

 Why didn't she leave him?  Why did she marry him? Why does she protect him? She is in it for the money. She is going to leave him , write a book and profit off of it. 

These are just some of the things that I have heard about the victim in the Ray Rice case this week. It almost turns out that we are blaming the victim and not placing our anger with who is really to blame, the abuser , Ray Rice. I know that I have never been in an abusive relationship , I do not have a degree in psychology that makes me an expert in why victims of domestic violence stay and protect their abuser. I don't know, so I shouldn't judge. I can only pray that the victim gets the help that they need and that the abuser gets the help that they need and stops abusing people. 

A good friend of mine posted an article on her Facebook page this morning . I hope you read it.