Friday, November 12, 2010

Essay My Son Riley Wrote

I am so proud of my son for writing the following essay about Veterans. he won second place in an essay writing contest for this:

My Family Tree Of  Veterans
By Riley Wilson

My family is full of veterans. My great grampa Angelo Zanghi  fought in World War ||. He was one of the soldiers that landed on Normandy Beach. He even spent a whole day in a foxhole.

My grampa Pete Parker fought in the Vietnam War. He was in the Central Highlands with the 4th Infintry Division. He was in many battles.

My grampa Omie Wilson was in the Air Force for 20 yrs. He was a Military policemen .

They are all important to me. I feel happy and proud all at once . They risked  their lives to give us freedom. I see history in my family tree . It’s great to have such grand veterans.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations GOP....but....

Last night Republicans took control of the House and made major gains in the Senate. As a Conservative I am very thrilled by this , but I also remain very guarded in my optimism for our country . We as the people who voted these people in need to not let them off the hook just because we voted them in, we need to hold them accountable just as we did the people we just voted out or we will not fix the issues that we need to fix to get our country back on track.

We didn't put into office to blame the democrats either, we want to move forward and see improvement in our country, we don't want to hear that the previous administration left us with too many issues that we can't expect change over night. None of us expect that , we do expect things to continually get better . I am sick of hearing from our current leaders that the Bush Administration left us with such a mess that it is going to take some time to fix . The fact of the matter is that the those same leaders also contributed to the issues because the democrats had control of the House for the last two years of the Bush Administration and along with Bush contributed to the issues. We now have control of the house and we need to put forth our ideas to help improve our country . Yes the President will stand in our way and will do what he can to prevent us from furthering our agenda, but history will show that if the country is not doing well , he will not get re-elected. Bill Clinton learned to meet us half way and got re-elected, if Obama is smart he will do the same. 

We do not have enough power yet to undo everything that has been done , so do what we can right now within our power to make our country better. This means that  health care  needs to be put on the back burner for the moment and we need to create legislation that will get our economy moving again and in turn create jobs . We need to get people back to work and grow our country again.

Congratulations to the GOP,we are counting on you to come through on your campaign promises! Good luck!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh the Phone Calls!!!!

For the past week the phone has been ringing off the hook!!!

Our home phone almost never rings, most people contact us now via our cell phones. However the politicians have our number and they are using it. What my biggest issue with this is why when I talk back to them ... they just keep on talking. I find this rude, even Thurman Thomas (Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills Running Back) called. I thought this is cool I get to talk to Thurman....but he just kept on about  Carl Paladino.

Speaking of Paladino , I thought when he called  , we were hitting it off  . He was asking me questions about how sick I was of the direction that New York State is going in and stuff like that. I was answering , then I started asking him some questions of my own and he just kept on going about his opponent. I just wanted to know what he had for dinner and what color socks he had on. I was shunned.

The phone calls keep coming and no one wants to have a conversation . My wife tells me that she talked to a live person today, but she only told me that after i left the toilet seat I can't really believe it.

Oh well .....