Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why You Wanna Trip on Sarah Palin?

Michael Jackson wrote a song that appeared on his "Dangerous" Album called "Why you Wanna Trip on me?". He wonders about with all of the issues in the world today, why is there so much focus on him. I think that the same holds true for Sarah Palin.

I am a fan of Palin. I like and share many of her views and think that she would make a fine President if given the chance. However , if she were to be elected, her presidency would be a failure. Too many people would find reasons to bring her down and that alone would be too big of a distraction and nothing would get done. For this reason I would advise her not to run and continue to do what she is doing now.

What she is doing now is being a political activist, she is paid to share her views and that she is doing. She does not hold political office and makes no decisions that involves our country.However , people treat her as if she will be the death of the United States as we know it. If you really want Sarah Palin to go away.... just ignore her. She is around because of the response that she draws out in people, negative or positive. 

 Let me repeat this... She has in no way any power to create policy to change your life, she does NOT hold any political office. By letting her get to you in a negative way makes no sense to me, just ignore her, she can't hurt you  that way.

With unemployment almost up to 10% (Even higher because people have just given up claiming ), gas prices reaching record levels and a government that just does not understand the issues that are effecting us everyday, why so much focus on someone who is not in position to do anything about it? Let us switch our focus to the people who are in position to do something about it and hold THEM accountable.