Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Rating is dropping! My Rating is Dropping!!!!

There are certain things in life that measure where your mental health is at. These are things that maybe you don't realize that are indicators of  your mood, how hectic your life is and such. We are all different, so these units of measurement are most likely different for each of us. It could be something at work, a game, or something else.

I have two such indicators that show how things are going, the first one is Chess. I play Chess at (Here is my profile), if you click on my online games you will see that my rating has fallen quite a bit this week. The thing I have learned most about chess is that when my life is hectic or if I am not in the right frame of mind is when I make the mistakes that ultimately causes me to lose games. This doesn't really upset me as much as I am used to losing , and really don't mind it at all.

I have been able to fix this by taking the time and thinking about my next move before I do it. I take this approach in life as well. When things are busy or you are not feeling well mentally, sometime you just have to really think about the things that are causing the issues and put them in perspective. If the issue can be fixed , I try to get organised on how to fix them. If they can't, then I need to accept it and move on .

Another indicator is when I go on my long runs. (I am training for the Erie Marathon in September) . When things are going well I have no problem completing them and blocking out the negative thoughts. However lately I have not been completing them due to these thoughts, I am physically able to get them done, but something in my head has been making me stop. The techniques that I have used in the past have not been working this time, so this is my cry for help. I can't seem to figure this one out.

Usually I try to use these entries to try to help others, however this time I need help. Any suggestions? You can enter them in the comments below or email them to me at .Thanks!