Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I am Thankful For.....

In 24 hours I will be waking up to yet another Thanksgiving Morning. This is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me time to reflect on all of the blessings in my life. So tomorrow morning as I am pulling on my tights and getting ready to participate in this years Turkey Trot in Buffalo, I will be thinking of what I am thankful for.Here are a few of them in no particular order
  • My wife Sheri , I have said this many times, i would most likely be taking up residence in a sewer if it wasn't for her. She keeps me grounded and when they say that there is definitely one person out there for each person , Sheri is definitely that for me. I look forward to everyday that we get to grow old together 
  • My Kids are crazy..... but they are like me. I am thankful for their love and couldn't ask for for two better kids in my life! My Parents who through their love and support made me who i am today. 
  • To My 3 Brothers and Sisters and their wives and Husband. I can not think of a family that is tighter and more in tune with each other. People know that we are Wilsons... 
  • To my friends who are ALWAYS there for me, I regret that we haven't spent much time together lately, but please know that you are and always be an important part of who i am and I hope that you know that you can always count on me to be there for your needs, and if I am not you need to slap me in the head . I thought about tagging you in this , but I am sure that I would miss someone accidentally. 
  • To those people who have now passed on who have meant so much to me, I hope that you are in a place now where you can forever be happy and in no pain. You are with me everyday and I will NEVER forget you.
  • Finally, I want to give thanks to God for all of the wonderful people and the blessings that He has given to me. I know I am not the most devout Christian, but I have never forgotten who has given me such a wonderful life so far!