Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest Scan of My Head....Here are the results:

It has been a while since I have posted here so I thought I would give you a few things that have been on my mind since January 7th when  I posted about socks in a vending machine. So I may be all over the board with this one.
Our Best Chance to beat Obama
    Presidential Election: I have thrown my support (whatever that is worth) behind Mitt Romney. I think that he is the most qualified person for the position of those who are running. I consider myself a conservative (at least on some issues), and maybe Romney isn't as conservative as people want him to be, but he is the most qualified for the job.

    How does this guy know this?

    Gay Marriage : I can not think of a good excuse for preventing same sex marriage. Doesn't say in the Bible that is not up to us  judge others? How does same sex marriage effect your everyday life. I was raised not to judge people and for too long I did that, it and never got me anywhere. If someone is in love and wants to spend the rest of their with someone they feel is their soul mate , who are we to judge? How is that different from me spending the rest of my life with my wife and raising a family? The answer I will receive is that it is not right, not natural or it is not what God has intended . Who are we to interpret what God wants? Then we pass along that interpretation as judgement of others lives?   There should be nothing to judge! Aren't you sinning if you are judging? How are homosexuals hurting you and your life?

    The Miami Heat's Martin protest
    The Trayvon Martin Shooting: This story interests me only because the public has already issued a guilty verdict on George Zimmerman (the man who shot Martin) . If you don't know what is going on I encourage you to look up the story. I have a few opinions on this. The main one being that all the evidence has not been presented in a court of law, and we have not heard everything that has happened yet from all witnesses and we should reserve our opinions until that evidence has been presented. This is a lesson that applies to the mainstream media and those (including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Miami Heat to name a few) who have already passed judgement on Zimmerman need to understand.

    That  is a few things to chew on for today , I welcome any comments below (Click on Comments ) or any through email (Click on word email) . I promise more will come soon!

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