Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Few Thoughts On A Rainy Thursday

Life has been busy since the last time I wrote here on April 12th, my life has been extremely busy and it is hard to sit down and express my thoughts on what is going in world today. Here we go , in no particular order.
  • I am reading "The DaVinci Code" by Dan Brown. I have to say I am really enjoying this book. It really really has brought few thoughts to my mind. 
  1. The first is what if there are more Gospels that the Bible , would it damage the image of Christ or enhance it? If he was married to Mary Magdalene and had a daughter, would this be a bad thing? I am not saying that I believe that this to be true  , but the history of the world is written or rewritten by those who have claimed victory in wars that have been fought . Without giving too much of the book away, the Romans did make Christianity the official religion of the empire, and had to sell it to the people they governed. It is possible that a few edits to the Bible were done.
  2. I guess if your faith and what you believe in is questioned , you would be upset. But if your faith is strong you should not waiver , or become upset when it is questioned. You should defend your views, but let me ask you this,how many Christians have read the book? If you haven't , how do you know what you are defending against?
  3. Finally, this is a fictional story that was well researched by Dan Brown, you must not lose sight of that.As I have stated before I do not believe the points to be true, just something to think about I guess.
  • My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma, I can not imagine what they are going through after a massive tornado . When I was a kid one of my biggest fears was losing my home to a tornado, to see this happen to so many people is so heartbreaking. Any time something like this happens, whether it is a storm, a crazed nut shooting people or a terrorist attack , I just want to gather those around me who I am close to and hug them and never let go
  • We need to get this straight, Obama is untouchable, he can (hypothetically) beat up a grandmother in in the middle of a crowded football stadium live on national television and claim that he had nothing to do with it and get away with it. The press will believe him.We have so many "scandals"  going on that our government is involved  in that it is hard to keep track. None of these scandals can be traced to Obama and he claims he had no knowledge of them. I tend to believe that . A good leader needs to be involved in everything that the organization the he or she leads is doing. Obama is not concerned with being a good leader or these scandals would have been known by him and his administration before the press have found out about them. 
  • I am looking forward to the Buffalo Marathon this sunday, I am not in the best shape for it due to many issues I have dealt with that have interrupted my  training, but I am going to go and enjoy it. I am not planning on qualifying for Boston this sunday or even getting a PR, but I am looking forward to just going for a run. 

That is it for today, as always please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!