Friday, November 1, 2013

Marathon Info and Friday Feel Good Song of The Week!

Well here it is! Marathon weekend!

I can not believe that it has come so quick, it really seems that I just heard the news that I will be running this year and now I am packing my bags for the trip! I know that I have annoyed several of you with posting so much about the New York City Marathon, I am obsessed with it and I feel I am ready.

My strategy  for the race is to take it all in. Since I started running almost 30 years ago .this race and Boston have been my dream. Now I get to run it and I couldn't be more nervous,excited and pumped ! I have decided that I want to take in the crowd, the sites and the city of New York. I will let how my body feels dictate the pace, I am not really going to shoot for a personal best. This is about enjoying the moment.

I hope you can enjoy it with me. I will be using social media to post stuff all weekend long so you can follow me in the following places (Click To go to Sites):
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Follow my Tweets here on Densil's Head Scan!
To track me during the race :

There are 3 ways you can track, by text, by web, and/or you can download an app for your smartphone.The text option does cost $2.99 , the other two are free

My bib # is 18388. If you search me by name , make sure you look for Densil not D.J.

Thank you everyone for all the support, it really means alot ! Here is the song of the week "Dreams" by Van Halen: