Friday, September 18, 2015

Gonna Fly Now (Part 1-Training)

Last year I wrote an entry into my blog stating that my best days of being a runner were behind me. (Click here to read it.)

I wrote that I had changed as a runner and that my best days as a runner were behind me. I thought that there were no more personal records(PR)  to be gained and that I would never run Boston. I had to learn to live with that . I wasn't going to quit running, but my running was to take on a different meaning for me. It wasn't about winning races, setting records or qualifying for the Boston Marathon. It was about setting a good example for my kids.

It wasn't as apparent to me when I wrote this entry that giving up on my goals and my dreams was setting the wrong example for my kids. More on that later.

Right after that I got a few responses from some of my friends and family. Some were understanding of where I stood , but others , including my brother Kevin, didn't understand why I was giving up.

Kevin sent me a very long text, and he didn't hold back. He basically called my giving up "Bull S**t". That many people were still setting PR's well into their fifties. He didn't understand why I was giving up on my goals.

The answer was simple, I was tired of failing. I didn't want to try anymore.

After several exchanges with Kevin , I agreed to work with Kevin's coach as I trained for my next marathon. I signed up for the Cleveland and I also was accepted into the New York City Half marathon . So I was training for two big events. I was a bit nervous because I have always been in control of my training.

Record snow fall and sub zero temps created a challenge 
It was clear from the start the training plan was not only to get me in shape physically, but more importantly , to get me in shape mentally. There was not going to be any excuses , I was going to be successful, even if it killed me.

It was a very hard winter here in Western New York , we had record snow falls and some of the coldest temperatures that I could remember and I was out there training in it. I stuck to my program and I could tell it was starting to pay off. I was getting stronger physically , but mentally, I wouldn't know if that was the case until I ran my first race.

Part 2 - New York City Half Marathon is next