Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Week Later

On September 12th I completed a goal, I finished my second marathon in under 4 hours , 3:55:53 to be exact . This came after a few months of training with the goal in mind of breaking four hours , that goal was set after I ran a 4:28:14 in my first marathon last year. It was my sister in law , who is quite an accomplished marathon runner, said to me "You should break 4 hours ...easy". Well Kristen I did it, it wasn't easy though many obstacles were in the way, but now I am shooting for 3 hours and 40 minutes in my next one (Buffalo in May 2011).

I have told the story many times why I started training and running marathons, yes I was drunk when I signed up for the first one. That first marathon was so special to me , I had a chance to run it with my brother and sister , it will rank as one of the best days in my life.

This race is also one that I rank right with the first one, I got to share it with my wife ,kids and my mother in law. My kids got to see why Daddy spends so much time running and hopefully will learn that the time and dedication that they put in to something will pay off. It also helped me seeing them holding signs and cheering for me and some friends who ran it as well.

Something happened to me while I was training for this marathon though, I started to feel a closeness with God. I came to the realization that God has been waiting for me to renew my relationship with him and I have used the time while running to become closer to Him.

Life is good