Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh the Phone Calls!!!!

For the past week the phone has been ringing off the hook!!!

Our home phone almost never rings, most people contact us now via our cell phones. However the politicians have our number and they are using it. What my biggest issue with this is why when I talk back to them ... they just keep on talking. I find this rude, even Thurman Thomas (Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills Running Back) called. I thought this is cool I get to talk to Thurman....but he just kept on about  Carl Paladino.

Speaking of Paladino , I thought when he called  , we were hitting it off  . He was asking me questions about how sick I was of the direction that New York State is going in and stuff like that. I was answering , then I started asking him some questions of my own and he just kept on going about his opponent. I just wanted to know what he had for dinner and what color socks he had on. I was shunned.

The phone calls keep coming and no one wants to have a conversation . My wife tells me that she talked to a live person today, but she only told me that after i left the toilet seat I can't really believe it.

Oh well .....