Friday, November 12, 2010

Essay My Son Riley Wrote

I am so proud of my son for writing the following essay about Veterans. he won second place in an essay writing contest for this:

My Family Tree Of  Veterans
By Riley Wilson

My family is full of veterans. My great grampa Angelo Zanghi  fought in World War ||. He was one of the soldiers that landed on Normandy Beach. He even spent a whole day in a foxhole.

My grampa Pete Parker fought in the Vietnam War. He was in the Central Highlands with the 4th Infintry Division. He was in many battles.

My grampa Omie Wilson was in the Air Force for 20 yrs. He was a Military policemen .

They are all important to me. I feel happy and proud all at once . They risked  their lives to give us freedom. I see history in my family tree . It’s great to have such grand veterans.