Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Heart is Heavy Today

On Friday night a local high school football player from the Brocton/Westfield football team was involved in a head to head collision during a game. He died yesterday from those injuries. I can not imagine what this child's parents, family and people around him are going through. To lose someone so young, so sudden, in this way has to be beyond heartbreaking. 

This tragedy will now bring up a ton of questions on how safe is football and other contact sports are for our children. I agree that that discussion needs to happen and we, as parents, need to know that our children who participate in these contact sports are safe. 

But we need to put off those discussions for now and have them at a more appropriate time. We need to focus now as a community to surround the people close to Damon Janes. 

I hugged my kids a little tighter this morning and have been praying that God gives the strength to all those who knew and loved this young man.