Thursday, September 5, 2013

So Much Stuff Going on In My Small Brain

One of the firsts things I do in the morning is get my coffee and then I kick my wife off the computer. I proceed to check Facebook first, I guess this is my way of getting the news on what is going on in the world and what is going on with people whom I care about. I guess I look as it as a one stop resource to get caught up on the things that are relevant to me. This morning two things I really could not shake from my mind Syria and something Mike Huckabee posted .

I want to start with Syria and get to Huckabee on a future date. I posted this on my Facebook page the other day;
"I guess I am not understanding why we need to get involved in Syria. It is horrible what is going on over there , but why do we need to get involved?"

I received several responses to it , most of which did not support a strike on Syria. I agree that we should not do anything militarily in Syria , but what can be done? I really do not know the answer to that. 

What a horrible situation ... but what should be done about it?
I do feel that we have backed ourselves into a corner with statements about red lines and such, so we need to do something about the situation there. I also feel that the red line statement that was made by our President was made a year ago when he felt that he had the backing of the international community on the situation in Syria , which we now obviously do not. So I don't fault him for backing away from those comments , but he could've handled it more gracefully and he could have used that statement as a way to get out of the conflict altogether. What I mean by this is that he could have explained that the comments were made when he believed that the world was behind him when he made those comments, now that Syria  has crossed the red line by using the chemical weapons (although we do not know if it was the government or the rebels that used them) he has realized that the world is not willing to back him up on the use of force in Syria, and even though he disagrees he will respect the worlds wishes and try to work with the United Nations  some alternate way to deal with the horrible situation in Syria.
Maybe there is a way out 

This actually would work for a few reasons. This would shift the the focus to the U.N. ( Obama has a long history of shifting the focus and blame to people), it gets him out of the "Red Line" comment and gets us out of possible military actions in a country we have no business being in. It will ease our relations with Russia, who now is saying that it would protect Syria against any air strikes that the U.S. may launch. 

The next thought I have on Syria is I think we finally found something that is not split along party lines, there are republicans who are supporting the president and there are democrats who oppose him. This is the only thing that I find encouraging about the topic is that we actually have politicians who are thinking for them selves and are not following the marching orders that they are given by the parties that they happen to be affiliated with. I only hope that this would continue on all decisions that are made in our country. 

That is it on Syria, I will get to Huckabee's post soon