Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Not The Knockdown That Defines Us

On September 30th I will be participating in a 5k race called "Olivia's 5k Wish Run and Walk", it is the second year of the event . This event will celebrate the life of Olivia Coia who was loved by so many and lost her battle with Breast Cancer in 2010.  I did not know Olivia, but I wish I did, from what I I have learned about her she was an amazing woman who touched the lives of many people and even though she is no longer with us, she is continuing to touch and inspiring people like me in which whom she has never met.

The Start of Last Years Olivia's 5k Wish Run and Walk
The purpose of this entry is not to raise money for the event, I made a promise that I will only try to hit people up for their donations once a year and I did that already with this years Laurel Run. However if you do want to donate or participate please visit their website for information. The purpose is to talk about David , Olivia's father.

I received a friend request on Facebook about a year ago from Mr. Coia and I honestly had to ask my wife who he was. My wife , who knew him told me the story about Olivia and about the 5k race that is in her honor . I decided  to accept the friend him, and I am glad I did. Dave is a true example of someone who got knocked down and no one would have blamed him if he did not get back up, but he did , and his reasons for moving forward will inspire you . Here is a part of an article that appeared in "The Observer " a local newspaper from Dunkirk,N.Y. on September 16,2012.

"Before she died, Olivia made her father promise to carry out her last wish.

"If I don't make it," she said, "then I have a wish. If you could, have a run in my name. The money can be raised somehow to help with research for triple negative breast cancer and to make sure my kids (her students) are somehow taken care of with a scholarship."
David is fulfilling his daughter's wish. On Sunday, Sept. 30, the second annual Olivia's 5K Wish Run will take place at 11 a.m. at Evangola State Park. Proceeds will benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass., (through Dr. Eric P. Winer) and the Olivia Coia Memorial Scholarship Fund."

You can read the entire article by clicking here
Dave has also started running himself, and his times in the 5k's that he has participated in have only gotten faster. He says that his daughter is with him and I am sure she is. Olivia was a marathon runner . I receive a ton of motivation from Mr. Coia. There has been several times after a bad run or race that I am feeling not so good about myself and my performance . Then almost like clock work there is a post from David on Facebook that makes me feel better and makes me get back out there and give it my all.
He is a true example of someone who did not let the knock down define him , what is defining him is the way he is getting back up. 

A Line from  the Movie "Rocky Balboa"