Monday, December 17, 2012

I am Ready To Talk About Gun Control

Friday morning the unthinkable happened in Newtown ,CT. An obviously sick individual went into an elementary school and killed 18 children and 8 adults were needlessly killed. The whole country mourns the lives of these individuals as their lives were cut short.

Although many of you were ready to use this event as an example to further your argument to have tighter gun control laws or not. I was not ready to get int the discussion , until with all debates that we have, we need to respect every one's right to free speech . This is not going on. There is no way that we can come to an agreement if we are not willing to listen to the other sides arguments. We may not have to agree with the points that are made, but we should respect the right for people to make those points.

I fully support the right for people to own weapons. The majority of weapon owners follow the laws set in place and would only use their weapons if needed and only as a last resort . Taking their weapons away will not cure the problems that we have, it will only make us defenseless against the problems.

I know it is a overused argument, but when has a gun killed anyone on it's own. When has it drove it self to a public place and opened fire on people ? There has always been a person or people behind a gun pulling the trigger.That is what we should focus our attention on . How do we stop these people from committing these horrible acts?

Banning weapons is not the answer, where there is a will there is a way. For example we need to look no farther than or war on drugs. Have we won that war yet? Again, I repeat when there is a will there is a way.

I think as a society we need to start tuning out the media's coverage of these events as a start. Although nobody wants these events to happen , the media seizes the opportunity to increase their ratings and give you every ounce of details regarding the event. They go into great detail of the person committing these crimes lives. They make these people and what whatever reason they had for doing these things bigger than life. This , in my opinion, only fuels the next crazy person to do something horrifying.

I agree with President Obama, this does have to stop and maybe one of these high profile people should turn the attention on the media's attention to all of this , we may begin to start the process to stopping this.