Saturday, March 5, 2011

And I am off!!

The 2011 Race season started today with a bit of a letdown. Even though I earned a Personal Best(PR) in the 8k today, I still am disappointed with the race. There are many excuses I can use ,like the Rain and wind and my knee feeling like crud, but the finish of the race did not meet my expectation . I have been working hard in weather that has been less than ideal (that is an understatement) and I was hoping not only to beat my PR but to crush it . I wanted to raise the bar very high so it would force me to work harder , to get faster. It didn't happen the way I wanted.

However, today I realized how far I have come since I have started this new "hobby" two years ago. I was pretty upset about my run today. Yes, it did get better when I saw my official chip time, but I was upset and a bit depressed about how I finished the race. As a person , though, I am in a better place than two years ago , I think about what I need to do to be a better father and  rather than what I need to do to be a better General Manager. When I am stressed I reach for my Nikes as opposed to Labatt's  Blue to relieve that  stress. Although it still brings me great pleasure to mentor my employees , it brings me greater pleasure when someone needs help with running, and I can help them.

You know what..... the only way I can fix today's performance  is to lace them up again and get them next time!!