Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Political Discrimination

Today I attended a workshop for my place of employment about diversity in the workplace . I have attended many workshops over the years on the subject while at Denny's . I have to say that this workshop was hands down better than the previous ones I have been to on this subject.

It was a typical workshop where we talked about the differences in people such as race ,ethnic background,religious beliefs, sexual orientation and gender. The videos , role playing and topics flowed very seamlessly, I was very impressed. (Please don't be slighted Denny's.... this was just a great workshop!).

On my way home I thought about another area where discrimination occurs and that is with our political differences. In my 40 years on this Earth , I have never seen such a divide in our country and an unwillingness to try to reach out and communicate with the other side.Instead it is about who can call each other names and further their own agenda , which may or may not be the agenda of the American people.

For the record I am a registered republican who considers himself a conservative. I am not a member of the tea party movement , although I agree with many of their ideas , I want to be a free thinker and vote for whom I believe will do the best for our country,state and local government.

I have to say that the founding fathers could not have envisioned the country the way it is now, I believe that they wanted to have the freedom to discuss the issues that face our country. They wanted to be able to do this without ridicule. This is not happening today. It is ALL about the ridicule now. The name calling, the bashing of others ideas ,or ignoring people with different thoughts than you is basically what we talked about today when we talked about discrimination.

Do we want a better country? It is time we start listening to what the other side has to say....not just to poke holes into it, but because they may have a point. If we don't like what Barrack Obama or Sarah Palin have to say? Don't put them down.....just don't vote for them.