Sunday, March 13, 2011


This year for Lent I gave up not going to church. True to my promise to God I went yesterday, one thing I have decided to do is write an entry each week on what I learned from the service that week. This week mass focused on temptation.

We are all familiar with temptation because we are tempted everyday,all day long . Mostly with small stuff , for example last night I knew I should have eaten pasta to help my run today, but ended up ordering corned beef and cabbage.

Giving into temptation can change your life as well. If giving in breaks some sort of promise or vow that you made to someone or to God, it can change you and the people around you forever. Too many times people will justify the action that gave in to temptation and it will make it their own mind. This only makes it worse. If you make a mistake , you need to own up to it and atone for it. The people that you may have wronged may have a hard time forgiving you or may not forgive you at all , but at least you are not compounding the mistake by pretending you were justified by making that mistake.

We need to take the time to think before we make decisions that may cause harm , there are very few temptations out there that you have to react right away to , you do have time to make the right decision , even though the right decision may be the more difficult one, it is called the right decision for a reason.