Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Don't Blog Angry

 Today I was going to write my part 2 of the assault on our freedoms, but I have decided to make a new rule and not to write anything here while I am angry. So today I have decided to take a breath and let all that happened just soak in and worry about it later , be clear headed.

You should never blog angry , because your arguments will  most likely be torn apart and you will look foolish. When you are angry and you feel the need to write a blog , post a video of Family Guy:

There are many things that have made me angry these past couple days such as :

  1. The realization that I have to live another 4 years with Obama as president
  2. The Baltimore Ravens are in the Superbowl
  3. The wind chill is below zero degrees and I want to go running
  4. My attempts to make the band Duran Duran the official "Fab Four" from England has gone unnoticed
These are the 4 biggest things among others that have put me in a foul mood. Blogging sometimes helps, but today as I sit here writing this, it is not helping . So maybe I should just walk away or maybe I will just post a picture of my brother in my mother's nightgown:

Now I feel better