Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Assault on Freedom -Part 1

I see the pictures

These are the pictures that people post on their Facebook pages that show Adolf Hitler surrounded by children as he tries to gain support of the German people by saying his programs will create a better country in the future for our children.

I do disagree in the comparisons that people use to compare Hitler's plan to Obama's plan. I don't believe that Obama plans for our country are the same as Hitler's. This is not to say that Obama's policies are good for our country, they are not. I believe his intentions are good based on what he believes, that government is the answer. I believe that the more the government gets involved in our lives the more freedoms we lose.

So the assault on our freedoms is not intentional, it is happening because we (as a country) have elected people who believe that government is the answer . As our government programs such as welfare, food stamps and Obamacare grow larger and more people rely on them for their survival , this makes for a bigger government and we as taxpayers have to fund this government which means we all have to pay more in taxes, and that will increase.

The people that are on these programs vote. The majority will vote for people who support these programs and these people will get re-elected. As the people who depend upon government programs increase, the more people who vote for these policies will increase, which will only increase the size and power of our government .

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day , teach him how to fish , he will eat forever" is a quote that always comes to mind when I think about what these programs should be about. They should be about getting people back on their feet and getting them back out to work . I am not saying to eliminate these programs (except for Obamacare... that needs to go).If you want more revenue for our government , we need to cut taxes , give businesses incentives (tax breaks , etc.) to hire more people and get people back to work so they are paying taxes which will then create more revenue. These programs will then not have to be funded as heavily as they are and we then could use that money to pay off our increasing debt. Everyone wins.

This is the first in a series about the assault on our freedoms. Please comment below