Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Election Day Thoughts

Chuck Todd
Keep it here to find out my election day thoughts. Why should you care ? Because I am NOT Chuck Todd...that is why:

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11:38 am - Went and voted straight republican , came home , went for a run all before 10 am. This will surprise my wife... since on my day off I am not out of my pajamas until noon . I posted some pro Romney/Ryan pictures on my Liberal Friends pages on Facebook,they returned the favor...it is on!

11:43 am - I did not see any Black Panthers at my polling place, but the were having a bake sale. Now I will nap, I will be up late tonight.

12:05 pm I will nap after this, click here for my predictions: Obama 275 Romney 263

1:51 pm- Awoke from nap, looked at Fox News, yep ... many stories about voter fraud , checked MSNBC ... there is stupid Chuck Todd again.... and a story about how women are up for grabs in this election , I guess the Obama people will try anything.

2:36PM - My wife just told me that Obama won the vote they had at our kid's school... I informed her that they will no longer will be able to attend there.

3:50 pm- Family Guy Break:


6:43pm Checking with MSNBC It looks like Romney takes a VERY EARLY Lead in popular vote, Fox is reporting the same. One of the states reporting in is Indiana, some consider this a swing state....Haven't turned on TV yet...

7:00pm Chuck Todd for your viewing pleasure....He is a mess, they need to clean him up

8:01pm - Both MSNBC and Fox saying 49 to 3  for Romney ... very early. Ohio and North Carolina are close, Obama leading in both. If Romney loses both going to be a long night I think... Obama winning Florida too....

8:19pm- Just turned on FOX and they are pretty Doom and Gloom about Romney's chances....

8:46pm The 9pm hour will tell a lot , many states closing . Right Now here is the breakdown:

  • NBC 88-64 Romney Lead
  • Fox 88-78 Romney
  • ABC 78-76 Obama
  • CBS 88-78 Romney
Just opened a Sam Adams...this could get interesting

9:14Pm Not sure why they are not calling Ohio, looks like Obama will win that. Tonight not looking good for Romney. House looks like no change, Senate most likely no change. A lot of money spent on both sides ...for no change. 

10:02PM I guess the local Fox station has had enough... they have switched over to Sienfeld... Here are the 5 Network's Break down (I added CNN for my Cousin)

  • NBC 162-162
  • Fox 162-157 Romney
  • ABC 162-157 Romney
  • CBS 162-157 Romney
  • CNN 152-143 Romney
Ohio Tightening , Florida Tight... could be a long night

Keeping an eye on everything...getting tired

11:04PM Pretty much a tight rope walk for Romney now. Florida, Ohio and Virgina NEED to fall Romney's way....if any of the 3 fall Obama we will have 4 more years of Obama .

11:18PM Barack Obama is the winner, God help us all.....He won because he knows how to campaign, and is good at that, he didn't win because he is good at his job...he is not so good at that. Good night to everyone and thanks for following me today.