Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Morning After, I still have hope....

 I fell asleep last night disappointed and woke up the same way. I am not angry, but still concerned about things. America spoke last night and the they made their decision. No changes in the Presidency, the House or the Senate.

Woke up in a very somber mood this morning, I am not angry, I expected this, I am just disappointed in our country's decision last night.  I can only hope and pray that we have learned our lesson and that a divided country is a country that will not succeed. Both parties need to do a better job about trying to find a solution, and not coming up with decisions that will help their re-election .

I am not going to give into the doom and gloom , I believe in America and I believe that we can recover. I have to believe that both parties will work together , or when it is time to vote them out we will. I have my views on how things should be, but I know that people don't share them and that I have to listen and respect opposing views, that is how we became the country we are , and that is how we will fix the issues we have. I will pray that this happens, and I believe that it will.

To my friends who voted for Obama , you have the right to celebrate, but please remember that while you won , the Romney supporters ideas and believes were defeated last night. This is a hard thing to take , so please be respectful in your celebration. For the Romney voters, I share your disappointment, but we can not   let our disappointment turn us into looking like sore losers. We need to be respectful when voicing our displeasure with the decision. 

Enough is enough America, time to work together, although we are Democrats,Republicans, Conservative,Liberals or whatever we believe in..... we are Americans and isn't that what matters most?