Monday, November 5, 2012

Scanning My Head On This Cold Monday Morning

Ugh...... I have to go into work late and stay until late (it is a cleaning night), so there are a few things floating around my head that I feel the need to get out there. So here we go!

  • In hindsight the cancellation of the Marathon in New York was the right decision . I was against cancelling it at first, my reason was because the financial impact that the marathon has  something that I believed that would help New York get back on it's feet. I believed Mayor Bloomberg had a plan that they could run the race and not divert much needed help to those who needed it. I have to admit that, by my own fault, I was misinformed about the severity of the damage in New York. Once I was informed it became obvious that running the race was not the right decision .

  • Speaking of the marathon,, I think runners got a bad rap from alot of people. I do not understand why the runners were being bashed about their decision to run the race. When you participate in a marathon , there is many sacrifices that you make. There is the 4 to 5 months of training ,where you put in countless hours and miles to get ready for the race. There is the money that you invest in the event (registration fees, hotel, travel , food, etc.) , much of it is not refundable. Every runner that I knew that was running the race was disappointed, but understood why the race was cancelled. Then you heard about runners who still ran the distance either in their hometowns or in NY, just to raise money to help with the relief efforts, there were many who went to NY and didn't run , but helped people to get back on their feet . They put their time to good use. If you want to be mad at anyone be mad at the NYRR or Bloomberg for wanting carry on with event.

  • Tomorrow we go to the polls and cast our votes for President and many other offices, I believe that Barack Obama will win (hope I am wrong). I also believe he will have a mess on his hands that he will have to clean up. I have been following politics since I was pretty young and this is the most polarized that I have ever seen the country . Mr. Obama and all other elected officials need to work together and find common ground to get this country moving again . We also need to listen to the other sides opinion as well, as a country we need to lose the blinders we have placed on when it comes to others opinions and realize that what made our country great is the fact it was built on people from different cultures, backgrounds and opinions, let's get back there.
That is it for today, now for a quick nap