Saturday, November 3, 2012

Redemption (2013 Marathon Decision)

I have made up my mind , I have decided to run two marathons in 2013 with the hope to run 2 major marathons in 2014. Here is the plan;

In 2011 I had a similar plan that was derailed by the Buffalo Marathon , if you remember I dropped out after the halfway mark with stomach cramps. I have run two marathons since then and have been pleased with both performances. In 2013 I am going back to Buffalo with a goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I have to run under 3 hours and 15 minutes. If I make my goal I think the demons of the 2011 Buffalo marathon will finally be exercised.

After Buffalo I have a decision to make, if I don't qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon , then I will be participating in the Erie Marathon in September . I have ran this twice , it is fast and flat and I am familiar with the route. I have ran my fastest Marathon there in 2011. My goal is to break 3 hours and not only qualify for 2014 Boston, but 2014 New York as well.

If I qualify for Boston after Buffalo , then I am going back to where I ran my first Marathon in Corning,N.Y. The Wineglass Marathon was one of the best days of my life , running with My sister and brother. I want to extend those positive vibes by running a sub 3 hour marathon and qualifying for the 2014 New York City Marathon.

If all goes right in 2013, I should have a memorable 2014!